Bucharest, March 2, 2015 – CSR BootIQ, a sustainability multidisciplinary start-up, is officially opening its consultancy business to companies that need assistance in corporate sustainability reporting. CSR BootIQ vision is to be the partner of choice for businesses willing to achieve their sustainability goals, by 2025.

The three founders are Cristina Balan, Stela Serghiuta and Mircea Tiplea. They have 50 years of combined work experience, are proficient in their areas of expertise, and each covers one of the three sustainability pillars: environmental, social, and economic aspects.

“Our aim is to lead by example. We would therefore recycle and reuse waste, minimize energy and water consumption, engage in pro bono projects, and issue an annual sustainable development report. Any company that would decide to work with us would know that we walk the talk,” says Cristina Balan, Managing Partner.

Large companies that need support in managing their sustainability reporting process or engaging their stakeholders, SMEs that have an impact on supply chain performance or NGOs that need support in aligning their strategic goals to performance can now rely on a fully fledged consultancy.

As a licensed AA1000 Assurance Provider, CSR BootIQ advocates for human rights, fair trade, transparency and equal access to opportunities. It supports a strategic approach to sustainability that leads towards corporate social responsibility policies fully embedded into routine activities conducted by any organization.