Bucharest, 11 May 2015 – CSR BootIQ, a multi-disciplinary start-up providing sustainability services, enhances its competencies, and also becomes a Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) organizational stakeholder.

Cristina Bălan, CSR BootIQ Managing Partner, is the first Romanian sustainability reporting practitioner and the sixth in the world that is successful in the G4 exam organized by the Global Reporting Initiative. http://bit.ly/1DTUy1Q G4 is the latest standard on sustainability reporting used worldwide and the only that would be accepted by GRI as of 1st of January 2016.

The result of the exam reflects both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience acquired by CSR BootIQ Managing Partner in the use of the G4 standard and the sustainability reporting process.

Starting this month, CSR BootIQ became a Global Reporting Initiative organizational stakeholder, being the third Romanian company that is part of the GRI stakeholder group at the international level. http://bit.ly/1FRmycz

“This new role provides us, as a company, with the opportunity to contribute our experience and expertise to the decisional process within the Global Reporting Initiative, and to contribute financially to the development of new non-financial reporting standards,” says Cristina Bălan, CSR BootIQ Managing Partner.


As a licensed AA1000 Assurance Provider, CSR BootIQ advocates for human rights, fair trade, transparency and equal access to opportunities. It supports a strategic approach to sustainability that leads towards corporate social responsibility policies fully embedded into routine activities conducted by any organization.