Bucharest, August 24, 2015 – CSR BootIQ pins Romania on Global Reporting Initiative’s map of certified training partners.

As GRI’s first training partner in Romania, CSR BootIQ launches the first ever-local GRI G4 Certified Training Course. GRI is the most widely used comprehensive sustainability reporting standard in the world, providing organizations, no matter the size or sector, the tools to meet their sustainability challenges.

”Our aim is to support those companies that would be subject to the EU Directive 95/ 2014, and would have to disclose their environmental and social performance and impact. Companies can train their own staff in monitoring and evaluating these impacts, reporting them and making their sustainability goals more transparent. SMEs interested in being part of multinational companies’ supply chain, either as suppliers or distributors, and NGOs implementing CSR programmes, can also enroll their representatives,” said Cristina Bălan, CSR BootIQ Managing Partner and GRI certified trainer.

The first GRI Certified Training Course is planned to take place in Bucharest on 28-29 September, and is hosted by ING Bank. “We are both delighted and privileged to partner with ING Bank,” said Cristina Bălan, “as they are one of the largest financial institutions in Europe. By chance, one of the case studies in our course is the ING Group Sustainability Annex 2014, titled Empowering People.”

At the end of the two-day intensive training course, participants (up to 16) will be able to:

– know how to use the G4 sustainability framework,

– which are the steps of the reporting process, and

– how to coordinate a reporting process in their own organization.

In addition, the participants will learn how to prepare their report and submit it to GRI for either Materiality Matters check or for the Content Index check service, and why is the sustainability assurance process important. At the end of the course, GRI will release a certificate of attendance.


As a GRI Certified Training Partner and a licensed AA1000 Assurance Provider, CSR BootIQ advocates for human rights, fair trade, transparency and equal access to opportunities. It supports a strategic approach to sustainability that leads towards corporate social responsibility policies fully embedded into routine activities conducted by any organization.