Bucharest, 4 May 2016 – CSR BootIQ has received the TRACEcertification, the end-result of a comprehensive due diligence review and analysis. The certification process was administered by TRACE, the world’s leading anti-bribery standard setting organization whose mission is to advance commercial transparency worldwide by supporting compliance efforts. Certification by TRACE signifies that CSR BootIQ has completed internationally accepted due diligence procedures and has been forthcoming during the review process. TRACEcertification underscores CSR BootIQ’s commitment to commercial transparency and anti-bribery compliance.

“TRACE is pleased to support the compliance efforts of SMEs in Romania. Successfully completing TRACEcertified due diligence offers CSR BootIQ a competitive business advantage when working with multinational companies that need to know a great deal about their local partners very quickly,” said Alexandra Wrage, TRACE President and Founder.

“TRACEcertification is the natural outcome of our ‘practice what you preach’ business approach, a bright light we would use in our trade relations, and a proof of our overall capacity to do business in an ethical way,” said Cristina Balan, CSR BootIQ Managing Partner.

In addition to a mark that confirms the review was complete, CSR BootIQ was given by TRACE a report that includes, among other particulars, detailed company information, beneficial ownership, financial references, evidence of an anti-bribery code of conduct.. Additionally, as part of the TRACEcertification process, all candidates undergo a mandatory anti-bribery training.

In the 2015 Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index, Romania ranked 46, three steps away from the 43rdposition in the previous years (2014 and 2013).

The AmCham 2016 Romania Competitiveness Report indicates that in terms of economic performance and corruption the country lags significantly behind the rest of the EU, which represents a substantial disadvantage. Nonetheless, according to the AmCham CEOs survey, the business community sees corruption as one of the main constraints against doing business in Romania.


About CSR BootIQ

CSR BootIQ is the first Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Certified Training Partner in Romania, and a partner of CDP Cities. In addition, CSR BootIQ is a licensed AA1000 Assurance Provider, and an exclusive partner for Romania and the Republic of Moldova of the Council for Responsible Sport.

CSR BootIQ supports a strategic approach to sustainability that leads towards sustainability policies fully embedded into routine activities conducted by any organization.

CSR BootIQ is dedicated to connecting, inspiring and supporting organizations willing to implement sustainable business practices; building compliant supply chains; helping companies of any size gain competitive advantages; and improving the lives of Romanian employees and their families, as well as of the communities surrounding business operations.

For more information, visit www.csr-bootiq.com. Follow us on Facebook (@CSRBootIQ) or Twitter (@CSRBootIQ).



TRACE International and TRACE Incorporated are two distinct entities with a common mission to advance commercial transparency worldwide by supporting the compliance efforts of multinational companies and their third party intermediaries. TRACE International is a non-profit business association that pools resources to provide members with anti-bribery compliance support while TRACE Incorporated offers both members and non-members customizable risk-based due diligence, anti-bribery training and advisory services. Working alongside one another, TRACE International and TRACE Incorporated offer an end-to-end, cost-effective and innovative solution for anti-bribery and third party compliance. For more information, visit www.traceinternational.org