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About CSR BootIQ core team

What keeps us together: each of us learns a lot; each of us is ready to use arguments and debate until we reach consensus; each of us works hard and laughs harder.

What makes us a team: shared values; almost 50 years of combined work experience and complementary expertise; sweets and treats.

What makes us different: each of us is experienced in one of the three sustainability pillars (environmental, social and economic); walk and drive; coffee, tea, chocolate and spices. 

Cristina Bălan, Managing Partner

Cristina graduated the Faculty of Land Reclamation and Environmental Engineering, and completed post-graduate courses in marketing (Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies) and journalism (London School of Journalism).

Prior to working as a CSR and sustainability consultant (2013-2015), Cristina has coordinated the activity of the UN Information Centre Bucharest (1998-2012).

She is a GRI Nominated Trainer, and is the first Romanian specialist (the sixth in the world) to have passed the G4 exam. Cristina is also a certified sustainability assurance practitioner, and her areas of expertise cover stakeholder engagement (AA1000 SES), non-financial/sustainability reporting (Global Reporting Initiative, UN Global Compact) and sustainability assurance (AA1000 AS, AA1000 APS by AccountAbility).

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Stela Serghiuță, Senior Partner

Stela graduated the Faculty of Physics, and completed a Master in Communication and Public Opinion, both at the University of Bucharest.

Prior to working as an independent consultant and trainer (2010-2015), she served as an Advocacy, Communication, Gender and Youth Programme Officer for the UN Population Fund (UNFPA). She provided support or conducted training courses in Belarus, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Moldova, Turkmenistan, and Yemen.

She is a GRI Nominated Trainer, and is the third specialist in Romania to have passed the G4 exam. Stela also specialized in social audit (the Social Return of Investment / SROI methodology).

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